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2023 Memberships Now Available

Join the Grand River Disc Golf Association today and help continue to build a strong disc golf community in Waterloo Region! Below are just a few perks of being a member of the GRDGA.

Community and social events

As a member, you’ll have the ability to meet new people, build friendships, and be part of a growing community of people who also share a love for the sport. Your annual membership fee grants you access to all official GRDGA league events. Guests and non-members of the GRDGA are welcome to attend for a small fee.

You’ll also get full access to our private Discord social media and text chat app, where our members communicate to plan rounds together, sell and trade equipment, and plan all kinds of social gatherings.

Access to our exclusive, private disc golf course

Perhaps most importantly, GRDGA membership gives you access to our very own private disc golf course, Rudy Woods. This technical, wooded, 18-hole course on a private farm in Baden is exclusive to GRDGA members. Additional yearly or daily fees apply but are well worth it for this privilege that no other club in Ontario can claim.

Member-only discounts and prizes

Get exclusive access to members-only channels in our Discord communication forum, as well as discounts on disc golf apparel, equipment, “frequent flyer” cards for Foxwood Golf Course, and more. If you enjoy a nice cold brew or delicious ale, we’ve also got you covered through our partnership with Wellington Brewery, which provides us with periodic special order opportunities. We also have draws for various prizes, including memberships for the following year.

Bag tags and club championships

When you join the GRDGA you will be issued a numbered bag tag. These tags are a fun way for members to have friendly competitions between each other and swap tags in an effort to get the lowest number. To finish off the summer/fall season, members take a tour of all the GRDGA courses in a club championship competition before the season changes and brings the colder weather for winter disc golf. You’ll compete in divisions based on skill and experience, ultimately seeking one of our coveted Club Champion trophies.

Insurance Coverage

Historically, GRDGA has encouraged members to become ODSA (Ontario Disc Sports Association) members in order, in part, to obtain coverage under the ODSA’s member insurance plan. We are currently working to secure equivalent group insurance coverage directly for GRDGA and its members. Consequently, GRDGA will not require or recommend members to join the ODSA. Your relationship with ODSA is completely up to you. We will have more information on GRDGA’s insurance coverage in early 2023.


If you aren’t already a member of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), we recommend you register. Playing in tournaments in Ontario is a great way to spend a weekend, meet other disc golfers, and feed your competitive side. Becoming a member of the PDGA allows you to have discounted registration to PDGA-sanctioned events, and gives you a player rating to help you assess your skill level and track your progress throughout your disc golf career. As a member of the GRDGA, you will receive a $5 discount on your PDGA membership. The discount code will be announced on Discord as soon as it is available. To become a member or to renew your membership, visit the PDGA website.

Growing disc golf in Waterloo Region

Growing our membership will help us advocate for new courses in the region. GRDGA has contributed to the design and/or installation costs of nearly every course in the region. By joining the GRDGA, you help ensure disc golf is recognized by local officials and organizations as a growing sport that should be accessible throughout Waterloo Region for all to enjoy!


Membership Types

Individual Membership:  
Membership for adults age 18yrs+

Youth Membership:  
Membership for children under the age of 18yrs